Factory for rent

Factory for rent from Chewathai Plc. is support different kind of need from customer. The factories designed for flexibility and convince for renter by reduce time for start-up and save cost. Moreover, Chewathai Plc. has built factory service match with renter for special request or match with location.

Factory was created flexibility and convince by reduce time for start-up and save cost, Moreover, Chewathai Plc. build factory match with rental in technical or specific location.
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Factory is located at industrial Estate under Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (I-EA-T) and benefit separate from financial benefit for renter and increase flow of step by step register regulation and approvable for processing from renter by Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (I-EA-T) has “one step service” Chewathai Plc. ready to support renter for get necessary license and approvable


Factory set up for support demand of various customer in detail . For the producing process, most of the customer want to change detail for satisfaction of customer. We support to condition and find the way to process of change and additional conditions for changing.


Chewathai Plc. take care of renter in public utility, telecommunication, water supplier, and waste treatment.


Chewathai Plc. support renter to detail for contract supplier of any product that quality and professional service with free service and additional detail of expense public utility, material and fee. Chewathai Plc. support expense by pay fee per month.